What is our function?

More and more I’m convinced that we are creating people for whom there is no economic function. This doesn’t mean they’re bad people, or that there’s something wrong with them. What it means is that they have no job possibilities. There is a myth that technology creates more jobs than it takes away, but that is a myth. I make my living teaching but I wonder if that profession is going to survive the upcoming technological upheaval that we are facing. It’s clear that many service jobs,  jobs like driving, will be replaced in the near future.

Already there is talk of creating some kind of economic system where people will have a guaranteed income regardless of if they work at all. What happens to us when we’re basically consumers and not producers?

That brings us to this poem. There’s another major economic change that’s happening to us.  It amazes me that everything is turning into a utility, everything is metered, and things we used to buy or now subscriptions. For example, Microsoft Office is moving to a subscription service.  Soon it will be that we can never really own Microsoft Office or even the Microsoft operating system. Even now when you buy the Microsoft operating system it pushes advertisements to you. Imagine that. You pay for software, and it spams your desktop environment  One of many reasons I use Linux whenever I can  -which is most of the time. Like now.

Think about what’s happening to us. You buy a house and you pay on it for the next 30 years. And then you’re forced to pay taxes on it forever or the government just comes and takes it away. You go to college and take out student loans and then you spend the rest of your life paying that off. It seems that the American Consumer is nothing but that, not a citizen, but a perpetual customer. I wonder if we’ll be turned into utilities as well?  


we are tethered to
and radio waves
all of different lengths
that pulse, dance, and live
a separate life
vestiges of raw resources
and information
which is metered out to us
pimped, pumped and transmitted
and through us
and these things
have a secret life
like demigods
with their own attendants
who serve them
as house slaves
while we heed
the demand for tribute
or face

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