I hate when politicians, who never served under arms, drag out the families of those in uniform who died in faraway places.  It is a despicable and shameless pimping to use people like that.  This I wrote tonight.

War Games

At night I hear

The sounds

From the perimeter

Echos of the past

Ricashay inside my head

Shrapnel rattles around my brain

Wounding the mind

Another round

Concussions of memory

I stand my post but

Wonder when

I will be over ran

The mission never ends

Conflicts are forever

Modern wars are never won

Fools lead us from the rear

And  patriots cheer us

From their easy chairs

Give maudlin eulogies

Beware the suits

And cuff linked wrists

Of weak chinned men

I will they not

Be the death of me

Nor make of me a flag draped spectacle

I will we not leave our casualties behind

But carry them on our shoulders to safety

Beyond the wire

And fly home

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